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Jongup’s Leg Tattoo in Badman


the fact that some people on this site are sexually aroused by benevolent cucumberpatch  is proof that someone will find you attractive no matter how ugly you may be. there is always hope

[NEWS] Luhan - 140423 TVReport News: "EXO Luhan, First acting challenge...Cast in Chinese version of 'Miss Granny' "



Exo’s chinese member Luhan takes on his first acting challenge.

On the 23rd, a chinese media revealed that Luhan will be filming alongside with Gui Ya Lei, Zi Shan Yang, Wilson Chen, in the movie ‘Back to 20(重返20歲)’. After confirming with S.M Entertainment, they revealed…

cute little key ‎(ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

chinaline’s hopes for everyone at China Music Awards

Yongguk dancing to Secret “I Do I Do

Reporter Daehyun being a cutie ;w;